About Us


Bellington Estate isn't about fluffy fashion talk or trying to make normal guys look like male models. It’s about giving us everyday guys access to great quality, fantastic fitting suits without the hassle and ridiculous price tags (and definitely no wanky fashion talk). 

The story of Bellington Estate started as so many good stories do, with travel! In this case, I travelled to South East Asia and with with a recommendation from a daily suit wearing friend I paid a visit to a reputable tailor in Thailand. Eight years on those suits are still in my wardrobe, are still wearable and still look spot on. Pretty impressive! 

Flash forward through a few career changes, a business degree, more international travel and a handful more affordable suits sourced from overseas and it dawned on me that I couldn't be the only Aussie guy excited by this. I placed a bunch of orders for some eager friends and realised that an online suit tailoring business might actually be a decent concept. Of all places, that realisation was met when I was at work, sitting in an earth mover at a sand quarry in country Victoria with not a suit in sight! Who would have thought.

So this is the beginning of Bellington Estate, a Geelong based custom suit business, catering for guys out there like me, who want to look and feel s**t hot in a quality suit minus the hefty price tag (and the off-the-rack sacks).