F**k up policy


So you think it’s a big ask to buy a tailor made suit online, right? What if it doesn’t fit properly? We thought you might say that, so we jumped on the front foot and created our ‘F**K UP’s policy.’ If your suit or shirt does not fit you 100% like a glove then we will cover ALL of your alteration costs. We can suggest an alterations shop for you to visit or you can use your own, just send us a photo of your receipts and we will reimburse you. In the super unlikely instance that your items are completely pear shaped and are beyond altering then we’ll make you a new one from scratch, for FREE.

So in summary, if you have f**ked up your measurements or if we f**k up any aspect of your new threads then it's all covered. So now there’s no excuses, get shopping (risk free) with Bellington Estate.

Shoot us an email at: reachout@bellingtonestate.com.au if you have any questions on our f**k up's policy.